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Index 1.0 - Announcing Our Private Beta

Introducing Index - the collaborative workspace for business analytics.

We're thrilled to announce that Index is now in private beta! After 24 months of hard work and hundred of feedback points from early users, we've started sending weekly batches of invites to experience Index firsthand.

When we started Index, our mission was clear: build a data visualization tool that empowers its users, not overwhelms them. For too long, the user experience in business intelligence tools has been an afterthought. Tools were built around providing utility to analysts (fantastic!) but lacked the usability and clarity needed by everyone else.

Our goal is to create visualisations that are intuitive and delightful, not just functional. With Index, we're advocating for a new era of business intelligence where good craftsmanship and analytics merge seamlessly together.

Now in private beta, Index is a modern business intelligence tool capable of supporting companies from day one. If you're ready to bring a breath of fresh air to your data explorations, request an invite today. We can't wait for you to experience Index and join us on this journey.

Over the coming releases, our focus will be on making sure our core capabilities are stable. To our early users thank you for your support and enthusiasm so far. We're just getting started!